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The Virtual Service at Your Service for Your Service

Allocate provides real time solutions by providing not only an answering service, but Live Virtual Receptionist. With the appropriate allocation of services, we have proven to enhance and effectively improve our client’s business to client relationships. Which warrants the question...

Do You Need Allocate?

 Ask yourself the following....

Do I want to retain my clients?

Do I want to save and make more money?

Do I need more time?

Do I value the relationships I build with my clientele?

Do I value the treatment and satisfaction of my clients?

Do I own a small business with less than 100 employees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time for you to allocate to Allocate Answering Service.

Allocate Customer Service with the Unseen Smile

Always with a smile. You can hear it in our voice day or night our receptionists are happy to take the call.

Allocate Your Time with Allocate

Projects, deadlines, constant client demands? Not to worry, we strive to make your day easier by giving each caller the attention they deserve. The same personal attention that you would give them with our exceptional customer service skills. You let us know what calls you can take, and we will transfer them directly to you. Otherwise we will take a message that can be returned at your convenience.

Call Center Headset

Allocate Your Day with your Receptionist

Just like you would with a live receptionist, you can choose to communicate with your virtual receptionist daily, even hourly, to inform them of your schedule, priority calls, or any changes you would like to make for that day.

Why choose Allocate?

We respect and value your freedom to choose from any one of our many competitors. Below are just a few reasons why you would should choose Allocate. 

  • We are Superior Customer Service. We embody what it is to be a receptionist. Bringing VIP treatment and human interaction to the virtual world. 

  • We offer tremendous value for those who prioritize quality customer service, reliability and genuine human interest.

  • We are here because we recognize that the reassurance, sincerity and comfort of a human voice can never be replaced by a machine or recording. 

  • We are dedicated to the your companies growth. Your growth is our success. Our dedication to your company is incomparable to price.

  • By prioritizing every call....we help your company finaces increase and help save your money with our great prices! Not to mention the health benefits we encourage by taking the stress of answering your calls. 

  • We are Allocate. We go the extra mile, because we are the extra mile. Call us today to receive your free quote 713-814-4884 or keep scrolling or website to see how we are the best fit for you.

Allocate your schedule with your personal scheduler. Just give us the keys. All we need is access to your schedule. We will schedule your callers to meet you in person, via phone conference or video conferencing. Once your schedule is up to date we will email or text you with any changes.

Allocate your communication via messaging. We have different options available to deliver your messages to you. They can be emailed and or sent by text after every call, you can opt to receive a daily batch file with all the previous day's messages or our agents can enter your messages directly into the software of your choosing. The choice is yours!

Allocate Your Calls with Call Screening. We know you love your clients and that every call is important but as with all things in life you must prioritize your tasks in order to have a successful day. With Allocate Answering Service, we can still make your clients feel special on your behalf. Effective method until you are available to provide them with the time they may need.


Allocate your finances with the right choice. Have you ever missed a call and when you finally are able to call back, you find out they went with a different business for the same services you provide at a higher price? Or they are just so agitated with getting your voice mail that they just don't want to do business with you? 

Or...Have you sat down and configured how much it will be to not only have a brick and mortar but a full time in-house receptionist with benefits? 

We can assure you that having your own answering service or live receptionist saves you money.

You do the math...then call us!




"Its just that simple"

We understand that you may have questions; we are happy to say that we almost always have the answers, but if we don't, we will go the extra mile to get it for you. Once we have answered all your questions and you decide to move forward with us...

· You will fill out a brief questionnaire

· We will set you up in our system 

· We will allocate you a unique identifiable number 

·And introduce you to your primary virtual receptionist.


It is just that simple, so reach out to us today!


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